Appointment of and applications by Commissioner for the Maintenance of Parents
12.—(1)  The Minister may appoint —
(a)a Commissioner for the Maintenance of Parents; and
(b)such number of Deputy Commissioners and Assistant Commissioners for the Maintenance of Parents as he may consider necessary,
on such terms and conditions as the Minister may determine.
(2)  The Commissioner may make an application under this Act on behalf of an applicant of or above 60 years of age (whether or not the applicant is able to do so) or represent such applicant in any proceedings or appeal under this Act.
(3)  The Commissioner may consult, or direct a Deputy Commissioner or an Assistant Commissioner to consult, with the parents and children concerned in order to assist them to reach agreement by conciliation.
(4)  Notwithstanding that a person is below the minimum age specified in subsection (2), the Commissioner may, in his discretion, make an application on his behalf or represent him if the Commissioner is satisfied that he is suffering from infirmity of mind or body which prevents him from maintaining or makes it difficult for him to maintain himself or if there is any other special reason.