Sections 2(1) and 47(1)
Reportable deaths
1.Death in Singapore of a person whose identity is not known.
2.Any death in Singapore that was unnatural or violent.
3.Any death in Singapore that resulted or is suspected to have resulted, directly or indirectly, from an accident.
4.Any death in Singapore that occurred, directly or indirectly, as a result of any medical treatment or care.
5.Death in Singapore of a person while the person was in official custody, except death as a result of the lawful execution of a death sentence.
6.Death in Singapore of a person where the person was, before his death, in official custody and where the death was related, or suspected to be related, to that custody.
7.Any death in Singapore occurring apparently or possibly as a consequence of any law enforcement operation.
8.Any death in Singapore occurring as a result of any accident or dangerous occurrence at a workplace to which the Workplace Safety and Health Act (Cap. 354A) applies.
9.Any death in Singapore involving a public vehicle, commercial transport vehicle, rapid transit system or other mode of public transport.
10.Any death on board a Singapore-registered vessel or a Singapore-registered aircraft while in flight.
11.Any death in Singapore that was caused or suspected to have been caused by an unlawful act or omission.
12.Any death in Singapore the manner or cause of which is unknown.
13.Any death in Singapore that occurred under suspicious circumstances.
[S 712/2011]
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