Proclamation of Emergency
150.—(1)  If the President is satisfied that a grave emergency exists whereby the security or economic life of Singapore is threatened, he may issue a Proclamation of Emergency.
(2)  If a Proclamation of Emergency is issued when Parliament is not sitting, the President shall summon Parliament as soon as practicable, and may, until Parliament is sitting, promulgate ordinances having the force of law, if satisfied that immediate action is required.
(3)  A Proclamation of Emergency and any ordinance promulgated under clause (2) shall be presented to Parliament and, if not sooner revoked, shall cease to have effect if a resolution is passed by Parliament annulling such Proclamation or ordinance, but without prejudice to anything previously done by virtue thereof or to the power of the President to issue a new Proclamation under clause (1) or promulgate any ordinance under clause (2).
(4)  Subject to clause (5)(b), while a Proclamation of Emergency is in force, Parliament may, notwithstanding anything in this Constitution, make laws with respect to any matter, if it appears to Parliament that the law is required by reason of the emergency; and any provision of this Constitution (except Articles 22E, 22H, 144(2) and 148A) or of any written law which requires any consent or concurrence to the passing of a law or any consultation with respect thereto, or which restricts the coming into force of a law after it is passed or the presentation of a Bill to the President for his assent, shall not apply to a Bill for such a law or an amendment to such a Bill.
(5)  (a)  Subject to paragraph (b), no provision of any ordinance promulgated under this Article, and no provision of any Act which is passed while a Proclamation of Emergency is in force and which declares that the law appears to Parliament to be required by reason of the emergency, shall be invalid on the ground of inconsistency with any provision of this Constitution.

(b)Paragraph (a) shall not validate any provision inconsistent with —

(i)[Deleted by Act 28 of 2016 wef 01/04/2017]
(ii)[Deleted by Act 28 of 2016 wef 01/04/2017]
(iii)the provisions of this Constitution relating to religion, citizenship or language.

(6)  At the expiration of a period of 6 months beginning with the date on which a Proclamation of Emergency ceases to be in force, any ordinance promulgated in pursuance of the Proclamation and, to the extent that it could not have been validly made but for this Article, any law made while the Proclamation was in force, shall cease to have effect, except as to things done or omitted to be done before the expiration of that period.