Subsidiary Legislation

Fees Act
Current version as at 22 Sep 2019
Short Title     |   Number
Fees (Adjudication of Stamp Duty) (Remission) Order
Fees (Attendance in Court — Ministry of Defence) Order
Fees (Attendance in Court) Order
Fees (Central Narcotics Bureau) (Copies of Statements, Reports, Information, Documents and Records) Order
Fees (Certificate of Clearance) Order 2010
Fees (Certificate of Notice of Marriage Abroad) Order
Fees (Citizenship Certificates, Etc.) Order
Fees (Copies of Reports, Statements, Plans and Photographs) Order
Fees (Copyright Act — Border Enforcement Measures) Order
Fees (Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau) Order
Fees (Electrostatic, Micrographic and Other Processes Reproductions of Survey Department Maps, Plans and Records) Order 1996
Fees (Estate Duty) Order
Fees (Goods and Services Tax) Order
Fees (Hawkers and Markets) (Copies of Documents) Order
Fees (Immigration & Checkpoints Authority — Supply of Copies of Reports and Statements) Order
Fees (Income Tax) Order
Fees (Ministry of Defence) Order
Fees (Ministry of Education) Order 2006
Fees (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) Order
Fees (Ministry of Health) Order