Subsidiary Legislation

Immigration Act
Not current version (effective from 01 Jan 2017 to 31 Mar 2018)
Short Title     |   Number
Immigration Regulations
Immigration (Special Entry and Clearance Arrangements) Regulations
Immigration (Exemption from Section 6) Order
Immigration (Prohibition of Entry) Order
Immigration (Multiple Journey Visit Pass Holders — Exemption) Order
Immigration (Exemption from Singapore Visa) Order
Immigration (Specified Pass Holders — Exemption from section 6(2)) Order
Immigration Anchorages Notification
Immigration (Composition of Offences) Notification
Immigration Depots (Consolidation) Notification
Immigration (Security Measures for Work Place) Notification
Immigration Officers
Immigration Depot
Immigration (Authorised Places of Entry and Departure, and Rates) Notification 2012
Immigration (Immigration Depots) Notification 2013