Judges’ Remuneration Act

(Original Enactment: Act 36 of 1963)

(30th March 1987)
An Act to provide for the remuneration of the Judges of the Supreme Court
[16th September 1963]
Short title
1.  This Act may be cited as the Judges’ Remuneration Act.
Remuneration of Judges
2.—(1)  There shall be paid to —
(a)the Chief Justice an annual pensionable salary of $347,400; and
(b)every other Judge of the Supreme Court an annual pensionable salary of $234,600.
[Act 27 of 1989 wef 01/04/1989]
(2)  A Judge shall receive, in addition to his salary, —
(a)such pensionable and non-pensionable allowances and privileges as he would receive if he were an officer in the public service receiving the same pensionable salary; and
(b)such other pensionable and non-pensionable allowances and privileges as, immediately before 16th September 1963, a Judge holding corresponding office in the Supreme Court was entitled to receive.
(3)  Any salary or allowance payable to a Judge under this section —
(a)shall commence from 16th September 1963 or the date of appointment, whichever is the later (but subject to the fulfilment of any conditions on which an allowance is payable);
(b)shall accrue from day to day; and
(c)shall be payable monthly on the last day of each month or on such other day in each month as the Minister for Finance may from time to time determine.
(4)  A person who on 16th September 1963 becomes a Judge of the Federal Court or of the High Court under the Malaysia Act [M 36/63] by virtue of any office held by him immediately before that day, if the salary, allowances and privileges to which he was then entitled in that office are more favourable to him than those provided for him under this section, shall be entitled to receive the former instead of the latter.
(5)  Where the terms and conditions on which a Judge holds office immediately before 16th September 1963 include provision for the variation in particular circumstances of the allowances or privileges then receivable by him, any reference to those allowances or privileges in subsection (2) or (4) shall be taken as a reference to those allowances or privileges as so variable.