Power of Tribunal to vary orders for maintenance
8.—(1)  The Tribunal may vary or rescind any subsisting order for maintenance, whether secured or unsecured, where it is satisfied that the order was based on any misrepresentation or mistake of fact or where there has been any material change in the circumstances of the applicant or respondents or where another person is joined as a respondent.
(2)  An application for variation of a maintenance order may be made by —
(a)the applicant;
(b)a respondent;
(c)the Commissioner;
(d)an approved person or organisation referred to in section 3(2); or
(e)in respect of secured maintenance, the legal personal representatives of a respondent.
(3)  Where a maintenance order was made against more than one respondent or another respondent is joined, the Tribunal may re-apportion the maintenance upon an application to vary the maintenance order in such manner as it considers just.