Subsidiary Legislation

Road Traffic Act
Not current version (effective from 20 Dec 1997 to 31 Mar 1998)
Short Title     |   Number
Approved Helmets Notification
Bukit Gombak Camp declared to be an Installation
Highway Code
Police Officers to Exercise Powers of Deputy Commissioner of Police
Restriction of Speed (Roads) Notification
Road Traffic (Authorisation of Use) (Consolidation) Notification
Road Traffic (Bicycle Crossing) Rules
Road Traffic (Bicycles) Rules
Road Traffic (Carriage of Passengers in Goods Vehicles) (Exemption) Notification
Road Traffic (Carriage of Persons in Goods Vehicles) (Consolidation) Rules
Road Traffic (Collection of Tolls at Woodlands and Tuas Checkpoints) Rules 1998
Road Traffic (Composition of Offences) Rules
Road Traffic (Driver Improvement Points System) Rules
Road Traffic (Driving Instructors and Driving Schools) Rules
Road Traffic (Exemption No. 2) Order
Road Traffic (Exemption of Certain Vehicles) (Consolidation) Order
Road Traffic (Exemption of Heavy Vehicles) Order
Road Traffic (Exemption of Operationally Ready National Servicemen) Order
Road Traffic (Exemption of Private Hire Buses Used for the Bus-Plus Scheme) Order
Road Traffic (Exemption of Taxis Used for the Electronic Road Pricing System Qualification Test) Order 1997