Treasury Deposit Receipts Act

(Original Enactment: Ordinance 16 of 1960)

(30th March 1987)
An Act to confer on the Treasury power to receive money on deposit for fixed periods and to pay interest thereon and for purposes connected therewith.*
*  Note: By G.N. No. S 307/72 the functions, duties and powers of the Minister for Finance under this Act have been transferred to the Monetary Authority of Singapore.
[26th February 1960]
Short title
1.  This Act may be cited as the Treasury Deposit Receipts Act.
2.  In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires —
“Treasury” means the Minister charged with the responsibility for finance and includes any officer under the administrative control or direction of the Minister;
“Treasury Deposit” means any money deposited in accordance with section 3;
“Treasury Deposit Receipt” means a receipt given in accordance with section 5.
Treasury Deposits
3.—(1)  The Treasury is hereby authorised to accept on behalf of the Government at such times and up to such maximum amounts as the Minister may from time to time specify deposits by any person of any sum of $50,000 or a multiple of $50,000:
Provided that the total amount of money so accepted and not repaid on deposit at any one time shall not exceed $500 million*, or such further sum as may be authorised by resolution of Parliament with which the President concurs under Article 144(1)(a) of the Constitution.
*  Cf. Resolution of Parliament passed on 28th March 1972. See also G.N. 3895/72.
[11/1991 wef 30/11/1991]
(2)  It shall be lawful for the Minister to direct that the sums received under this section or any part of them shall be appropriated and applied to any purpose of development specified in the direction:
Provided that no such direction shall be given unless the appropriation has first been approved by resolution of Parliament.
Term of Treasury Deposits
4.  Any person making a deposit under section 3 shall thereupon declare the period in respect of which the deposit is made, and the period shall be either 2, 3, 4 or 5 years from the date of making the deposit; and at the end of that period the money so deposited shall be repaid in the manner set out in section 8.
Treasury Deposit Receipts
5.  The Treasury shall give a receipt for every Treasury Deposit in the form set out in the Schedule.
Transfer of Treasury Deposit Receipts
6.  Treasury Deposit Receipts shall be transferable by endorsement and delivery.
7.—(1)  Interest shall be paid on all Treasury Deposits in accordance with this section.
(2)  The Minister shall from time to time by notification in the Gazette prescribe the rates of interest to be paid per annum on Treasury Deposits of different durations.
(3)  The rate of interest to be paid on any Treasury Deposit shall be that in force at the date of making the deposit.
(4)  Interest on all Treasury Deposits shall become due annually on the anniversary of the date of making the deposit and shall be paid to the holder of the Treasury Deposit Receipt relating to such deposit on presentation of the said Treasury Deposit Receipt at the office of the Treasury and the particulars of the date and of the amount of interest so paid shall be endorsed on the back of that Treasury Deposit Receipt; and such endorsement shall be conclusive evidence that the interest specified in the endorsement has been paid.
(5)  No interest shall be due or payable on any Treasury Deposit after the expiration of the period for which the deposit was made.
Repayment of Treasury Deposits
8.—(1)  A Treasury Deposit shall be repaid on maturity to the holder of the Treasury Deposit Receipt relating to such deposit on his surrendering to the Treasury for cancellation that Treasury Deposit Receipt.
(2)  No Treasury Deposit shall be repaid except upon the surrender of the Treasury Deposit Receipt relating to such deposit to the Treasury for cancellation.
Treasury Deposits and interest to be a charge on Consolidated Fund
9.  The moneys represented by Treasury Deposit Receipts and interest thereon are hereby charged upon and shall be payable out of the Consolidated Fund.
Treasury Deposit Receipts to be free of stamp duty
10.  No stamp duty shall be leviable or payable on any Treasury Deposit Receipt or on the transfer thereof.
11.  Any person who forges or alters any Treasury Deposit Receipt or any word, figure or mark, sign, signature or facsimile upon or attached to any Treasury Deposit Receipt, or who offers or utters or disposes of any Treasury Deposit Receipt knowing the same to be forged or altered shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 15 years.