NEW Singapore Statutes Online (beta version)

Published on 07 Jul 2017
Singapore Statutes Online PLUS (beta version)
(A PLUS Initiative)

The Legislation Division of the Attorney-General’s Chambers started the “Plain Laws Understandable by Singaporeans” (“PLUS”) project in 2013 to modernise the text and design of Singapore’s written laws and enhance the features of the Singapore Statutes Online (“SSO”). The aim of the PLUS project is to improve the public’s access to and understanding of Singapore’s written laws.

A beta version of the new SSO PLUS was released on 7 July 2017. The new SSO PLUS addresses public feedback received in the 2 PLUS online surveys conducted in 2013 and 2016.

The new SSO PLUS has been released as a beta version to facilitate users to transition to the new website and to provide feedback on its features and functionalities. In due course, the new SSO PLUS will replace the current SSO (at as the official Singapore Government website for online version of Singapore’s legislation.

As the new SSO PLUS has a new domain name, users who have previously bookmarked SSO or any content of SSO should update their bookmarks.

The new SSO PLUS has a brand new look, a cleaner design and an intuitive user interface, with the following new or enhanced features:

  • Mobile device compatibility
  • Legislation text is copy and paste friendly to MS Word (for Edge, IE and Chrome)
  • Better legislation search facilities/options, including:
    • Auto-suggestions for search
    • Advanced search and search results display enhanced with new features
    • Facility to search within personalised collections of legislation
    • Facility to search within legislation
    • Options on presentation of search results, i.e., by legislation or by provisions
    • Search filters to refine search results
    • Facility to save and re-use search criteria
  • Prominent display of key details of legislation — sticky panel displays the following information when user scrolls down any legislation:
    • Title and ID number of the legislation
    • Segment of the legislation (e.g., Part, Division, etc.) and the numerical reference of the provision in the legislation being viewed by the user at any point in time
    • Status of the legislation (e.g., whether the legislation is in force)
  • More printing/downloading options: print-HTML, print-MS Word, print-PDF
  • ‘Whole Document’ view of legislation — the legislation page loads as user scrolls down the page
  • Improved format for comparing changes (at provision level) made to legislation against an earlier Revised Edition
  • Quick access to legislation:
    • My Collections tool — allows users to create personal lists of legislation for quick access and to search within
    • Quick links to frequently accessed legislation
    • Short-form URL conventions to facilitate bookmarking of legislation
    • Facility to filter legislation in Browse legislation page
  • Option to customise the number of legislation to be displayed
  • Option to view all legislation in alphabetical order or chronologically according to years
  • Changes to the presentation of updates to legislation under “What’s New”
  • Improved guidance to users on SSO and its legislation content
  • Online form for users to provide feedback on SSO


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