Extradition Act
(CHAPTER 103, Section 19)
Extradition (Commonwealth Countries) Declaration
Decl 1
G.N. No. S 425/2007

(31st March 2009)
[15th August 2007]
1.  This Declaration may be cited as the Extradition (Commonwealth Countries) Declaration.
Declaration of Commonwealth countries
2.  The countries specified in the Schedule to this Declaration are hereby declared to be Commonwealth countries for the purposes of Part IV of the Act.
Modification of Part IV of Act
3.—(1)  Part IV of the Act applies in relation to a country specified in the Schedule that is a non-member of UNTOC as if an UNTOC offence is not an extradition crime.
(2)  In sub-paragraph (1) —
“non-member of UNTOC” means a country specified in the Schedule that is not —
(a)a party to the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organised Crime, done at New York on 15th November 2000; or
(b)a territory to which the application of the Convention is extended;
“UNTOC offence” means an offence against the law of the said country where the act or omission constituting the offence or the equivalent act or omission —
(a)would, if it took place within the jurisdiction of Singapore, constitute an offence under Part III of the First Schedule to the Act; or
(b)would be such an offence if the description concerned contained a reference to any intent or state of mind on the part of the person committing the offence, or to any circumstance of aggravation, necessary to constitute the offence.