Medical Registration Act
(Chapter 174, Section 29)
Medical Registration Regulations
Rg 2
(25th March 1992)
[29th September 1972]
1.  These Regulations may be cited as the Medical Registration Regulations.
2.  In these Regulations —
“Council” means the Medical Council established under section 3 of the Act;
“Preliminary Proceedings Committee” means the Committee referred to in regulation 16;
“practitioner” means a person registered in any way under the Act, and references to the practitioner in relation to any complaint, information or proceedings, are references to the practitioner against whom a conviction has been alleged or whose conduct has been called into question, as the case may be;
“register” means any of the registers kept under the Act;
“solicitor” means the solicitor to the Council;
“a case relating to conviction” means a case where it is alleged that a practitioner has been convicted by any court of any felony, misdemeanour, crime or offence;
“a case relating to conduct” means a case where the question arises whether the conduct of a practitioner constitutes infamous conduct in a professional respect.
Remuneration of secretary
3.  The Council may pay to a person appointed as secretary under section 4(4) of the Act such remuneration, to be paid as part of the expenses of the Council, as the Council may with the approval of the Minister determine.
Expenses for attending meetings
4.  Members of the Council shall be entitled to travelling expenses at Government rates and in accordance with Government regulations and an attendance allowance of $50 for every day or part thereof of the meeting which they attend except that where the member is an employee of the Government or the National University of Singapore he shall not be entitled to the attendance allowance.
5.  The Register of Medical Practitioners shall be in the Form I in the Schedule and the Provisional Register in the Form II.
Application for registration as medical practitioner
6.—(1)  Any person applying for registration as a medical practitioner shall apply in the Form III in the Schedule.
(2)  The Council may require an applicant to produce one or more of the following:
(a)the original diploma entitling the applicant to be registered;
(b)evidence of identity in the form of a statement by a registered medical practitioner, a Magistrate or a Justice of the Peace to the effect that the applicant for registration is personally known to him and is in fact the person whose name appears in the application;
(c)a certificate of registration as a medical practitioner in any foreign or Commonwealth country if the applicant has been registered in that country;
(d)certificates of approved experience covering a period of at least one year;
(e)a certificate of good standing from the registration body of a country if the applicant has been registered in that country and the certificate shall state that on the date of issue the applicant is a registered medical practitioner of that country and that no proceedings have been taken or are pending against him.
(3)  Any document produced under paragraph (2)which is not in English shall be accompanied by a certified translation thereof.
Certificate of registration
7.—(1)  A certificate of registration shall be issued in such form as the Council may decide on payment of the required fee.
(2)  A duplicate of a certificate of registration shall be issued by the Registrar on application and on payment of a fee of $10.
Service in a resident medical capacity
8.—(1)  The period of employment in a resident medical capacity in an approved hospital or an approved institution as provided in section 11(1) to (4) of the Act shall be one year, such period being made up either of two terms of 6 months each or 3 terms of 4 months each in the following disciplines:
(c)Orthopaedic Surgery;
(d)Obstetrics and Gynaecology; and
Provided that no person shall, after two surgical postings (e.g. Surgery and Orthopaedic Surgery) or two medical postings (e.g. Medicine and Paediatrics), be given a posting to Obstetrics and Gynaecology.
(2)  At the conclusion of satisfactory service in a resident medical capacity in a hospital or institution approved by the National University of Singapore, a certificate in Part III of Form III in the Schedule shall be accepted by the Registrar of Medical Practitioners as sufficient evidence to transfer the name of the practitioner to the Register of Medical Practitioners.
Annual retention fee
9.  The annual retention fee payable by every person registered under the Act shall be $100, except that no fee shall be payable by persons in the service of the Government or in the service of the National University of Singapore.
Fee for restoration to Register
10.  The fee for the restoration of a practitioner’s name to the Register under section 16(4) of the Act shall be $200.
Council to appoint Credentials Committee
11.—(1)  The Council shall appoint from among its members a Credentials Committee (referred to in these Regulations as the Committee) whose functions it shall be to scrutinise the application of every applicant for registration and, for this purpose, it may interview the applicant, make such enquiries and take any other steps as it may consider fit.
(2)  On the basis of the scrutiny of the application for registration as set out in paragraph (1), the Committee shall advise the Medical Council whether the applicant —
(a)be refused registration;
(b)be required to undergo an examination under regulation 14; or
(c)be registered and the conditions or restrictions, if any, that should be imposed.
Appointment of panel of examiners to hold registration examinations
12.—(1)  The Council shall appoint a panel of examiners which may consist of members of the Council to conduct the examinations referred to in regulation 14 of such number as it may decide from nominations submitted for this purpose by the Committee.
(2)  The Council shall nominate one of the examiners selected to form the panel of examiners to be its chairman.
(3)  The panel of examiners shall submit the results of the examinations to the Committee which shall forward them to the Council with its recommendations.
(4)  After considering the results of the examinations and recommendations of the Committee, the Council shall advise the Minister whether the applicant is entitled to registration under the Act.
Council may make arrangements with University to conduct registration examinations
13.—(1)  Notwithstanding regulation 12, the Council may, if it thinks fit, instead of appointing the panel of examiners under that regulation, make arrangements with the Faculty of Medicine of the National University of Singapore to conduct the examinations referred to in regulation 14 on behalf of the Council in whole or in part to be taken with the final examination in medicine.
(2)  The arrangements referred to in paragraph (1) may, with the approval of the Council, be carried out by the Committee.
Registration examination
14.—(1)  The Council may, at its discretion, direct an applicant whose qualifications are not registrable under subsection 9(1)(a) or (b) of the Act, to undertake a registration examination.
(2)  The examination may be conducted by all or any of the following methods at the discretion of the Council:
(a)a written examination;
(b)a clinical examination;
(c)an oral examination.
(3)  The subjects for examination may include all or any of the following and any other subject which the Council may determine, at its discretion, in any particular case:
(a)medicine including therapeutics;
(c)obstetrics and gynaecology;
(e)public health and preventive medicine.
(4)  The dates and places for the examination shall be fixed by the Council.
Fee for examinations
15.—(1)  The fee for a registration examination shall be $400.
(2)  Where the examination is held by the examining authority, three-quarters of the fee shall be divided equally amongst its members.
(3)  Where the examination is held by the Faculty of Medicine, three-quarters of the fee shall be paid to that Faculty.