Planning Act
(Chapter 232, Section 21(6))
Planning (Development of Land Authorisation for National Parks Board) Notification
N 8
G.N. No. S 127/2004

(1st October 2007)
[25th March 2004]
1.  This Notification may be cited as the Planning (Development of Land Authorisation for National Parks Board) Notification
2.  In this Notification, unless the context otherwise requires —
“floor area” has the same meaning as in the Planning (Development Charges) Rules (R 5);
“National Parks Board” means the National Parks Board established under the National Parks Act (Cap. 198A);
“park” means any State land used as a public park which is managed and maintained by the National Parks Board;
“park facility” means any structure or facility specified in the Schedule;
“Singapore Land Authority” means the Singapore Land Authority established under the Singapore Land Authority Act (Cap. 301).
Authorisation for park facility
3.  Subject to paragraph 4, the operations involving the development of land in any park by the National Parks Board for any park facility are authorised under section 21(6) of the Act.
Conditions of authorisation
4.  Paragraph 3 shall apply only if all the following conditions are satisfied:
(a)the park facility is not used for any commercial purpose;
(b)the operations comply with all relevant planning guidelines, including guidelines on urban design, water bodies and foreshores;
(c)the floor area of the park facility does not exceed 100 square metres and, where 2 or more park facilities are physically integrated, the total gross floor area of the physically integrated park facilities does not exceed the aggregate of the gross floor area of 100 square metres for each park facility; and
(d)the prior written consent of the Singapore Land Authority has been obtained for the development of land.