Police Force Act
(Chapter 235, Sections 77(2)(A))
Police Force (Charges for Services of Police Officers)
N 3
(15th June 1998)
[1st January 1989]
1.  This Notification may be cited as the Police Force (Charges for Services of Police Officers) Notification.
2.  The following rates of charges shall be payable for the services of Police Officers and officers of the Gurkha Contingent and Special Constabulary employed for private purposes:
Rate per hour or part thereof
(a) Superintendent of Police 2
(b) Superintendent of Police 1
(c) Deputy Superintendent of Police 2
(d) Deputy Superintendent of Police 1
(e) Assistant Superintendent of Police 2
(f) Assistant Superintendent of Police 1
(g) Inspector 2
(h) Inspector 1
(i) Senior Station Inspector
(j) Station Inspector
(k) Senior Staff Sergeant
(l) Staff Sergeant
(m) Sergeant
(n) Corporal
(o) Police Constable
$ 85.
Computation of charges
3.  In computing the amount of charges payable at an hourly rate under paragraph 2, the time during which a police officer or an officer of the Special Constabulary is employed shall be reckoned to commence from the time at which the officer leaves his police station to carry out the duties for which he is engaged until he arrives back at the police station after completing those duties.
Additional charges
4.  In addition to any charges payable under paragraph 2, the following charges shall also be payable for the services of a police officer or an officer of the Special Constabulary:
(a)a charge for conveying such officer from his police station to his place of duty and back to the police station as follows:
(i) motor cycle
$1.20 per kilometre
(ii) 3-ton van
$1.80 per kilometre
(iii) any other vehicle
$1.20 per kilometre;
(b)a charge for the services, according to rank, of any driver of the vehicle at the appropriate rate set out in paragraph 2;
(c)any expense incurred by the officer in using public transport; and
(d)a charge of $35 per month if the officer is required to wear plain clothes instead of police uniform.
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