Property Tax Act
(Chapter 254, Section 9)
Property Tax (Rates) Order1
1  See G.N. No. S 133/95.
O 9
G.N. No. S 114/1996

(1st July 1996)
[1st July 1996]
1.  This Order may be cited as the Property Tax (Rates) Order.
Tax payable
2.  Subject to paragraph 3, the tax payable in respect of each year shall be at the rate of 12% upon the annual value of every property included in the Valuation List.
3.  This Order shall not affect the provisions of —
(a)the Property Tax (Owner-Occupied Wood and Attap Dwelling-house) Order;
[O 1.]
(b)the Property Tax (Approved Development Projects) Order;
[O 2.]
(c)the Property Tax (Sentosa Development) Order; and
[O 3.]
(d)the Property Tax (Rate for Owner-Occupied Residential Premises) Order.
[O 10.]