Road Traffic Act
(Chapter 276, Section 10A(4))
Road Traffic (Motor Vehicles, Quota System) Rules
R 31
(1st April 1993)
[2nd April 1990]
1.  These Rules may be cited as the Road Traffic (Motor Vehicles, Quota System) Rules.
2.  In these Rules, unless the context otherwise requires —
“application” means a bid for a certificate of entitlement and
“applicant” means a person making such a bid;
“business service passenger vehicle” means a motor car registered in the name of —
(a)a company and is used for the owner’s business; or
(b)an individual and is used for the purpose of any trade, business, profession or vocation,
but does not include a private hire car or a motor car used —
(i)for the carriage of goods other than samples;
(ii)for the carriage of passengers for hire or reward; or
(iii)for instructional purposes for reward ;
“certificate of entitlement” means a permit issued by the Registrar under section 10A(1) of the Act and includes a permit which is by virtue of these Rules deemed to have been so issued;
“company” includes a statutory board, a Government department or Ministry, a firm, society, association or club;
“goods vehicles” means a heavy goods vehicle, a light goods vehicle or a vehicle constructed for use in the recovery and assistance of broken-down vehicles;
“heavy goods vehicle” means a goods vehicle the maximum laden weight of which exceeds 3.0 metric tons;
“light goods vehicle” means a goods vehicle the maximum laden weight of which does not exceed 3.0 metric tons;
“non-transferable certificate of entitlement” means a certificate of entitlement which shall not be transferable at any time before the certificate of entitlement is used to register a motor vehicle by virtue of rule 19(4);
“proposal amount” means the amount of an applicant offers to obtain a certificate of entitlement;
“public notice” means public notice referred to in rule 6;
“quota period” means the period referred to in any notification made under section 10A(3) of the Act;
“quota premium” means the levy payable under section 10A(2) of the Act for a certificate of entitlement.