Singapore Armed Forces Act
(Chapter 295 and Singapore Armed Forces (Pensions) Regulations (Rg 9 — Regulation 12))
Appointment of Pensions Officers
N 1
G.N. No. S 29/1987

(31st January 2001)
The Armed Forces Council has appointed the following persons in the Ministry of Defence to be Pensions Officers:
(a)Director, Manpower;
[S 29/87 — 13.10.86]
(b)Head, Personnel Affairs Department;
(c)Head, Air Manpower Department;
(d)Head, Naval Personnel Department;
(e)Commanding Officer, Officers’ Personnel Centre;
(f)Commanding Officer, Control of Personnel Centre; and
(g)Commanding Officer, Army Officers Management Centre.
[S 137/90 — 19.2.90]