Standards, Productivity and Innovation Board Act
(Chapter 303A, Section 6(3))
Assignment of Functions to Standards, Productivity and Innovation Board
N 2
G.N. No. S 151/2000

(31st January 2003)
The Minister for Trade and Industry assigns to the Standards, Productivity and Innovation Board, the following functions:
(a)to administer the Weights and Measures Act (Cap. 349);
(b)to designate, appoint, authorise or recognise for any purpose any person who performs conformity assessment and any person who performs any test relating to conformity assessment, and to perform all functions necessary or incidental thereto, including —
(i)determining the qualifications of such persons;
(ii)controlling and regulating the practice of such persons;
(iii)suspending, lifting the suspension of or withdrawing the designation, appointment, authorisation or recognition of such persons; and
(iv)establishing, maintaining and developing the standards of practice and professional conduct and ethics of such persons; and
(c)to accredit any person to any internationally or nationally recognised standard, and to regulate such persons where necessary.
[S 26/2002 — 1.4.2002]