Telecommunication Authority of Singapore Act
(Chapter 323, Section 131)
Telecommunication (Dealers) Regulations
Rg 7
G.N. No. S 327/1994

(1st July 1999)
[1st July 1999]
1.  These Regulations may be cited as the Telecommunication (Dealers) Regulations.
2.  In these Regulations, unless the context otherwise requires —
“authorised officer” means any person authorised by the Authority to act on its behalf;
“dealer” means a person who manufactures, imports, sells, hires, offers or possesses for sale, hire or hire-purchase any equipment which is capable of being used for the purpose of telecommunication, and includes his employees;
“Dealer’s Class Licence” means a licence granted under regulation 4A;
“Dealer’s Individual Licence” means a licence granted under regulation 4;
“identity card” means an identity card issued under the National Registration Act (Cap. 201);
“licence” means a Telecommunication Dealer’s Licence granted under these Regulations;
“licensee” means a person to whom a licence is granted under these Regulations, and includes his employees;
“sale” includes every transaction of or in the nature of barter or exchange, every transaction of hire or hire-purchase and every transaction by which any goods are pawned or hypothecated or as the result of which the ownership of or an interest in goods is or may be transferred or created;
“Telecommunication Dealer’s Licence” means a Dealer’s Class Licence granted under regulation 4A or a Dealer’s Individual Licence granted under regulation 4;
“telecommunication equipment” means any appliance, apparatus or accessory used or intended to be used for telecommunication;
“type-approval labels” means labels stating or indicating that the telecommunication equipment is type-approved equipment;
“type-approved equipment” means any telecommunication equipment approved for sale under regulation 24(1).