Town Councils Act
(CHAPTER 329A, Sections 33(5) and 52)
Town Councils (Minimum Amount of Charges for payment Into Sinking Funds) Rules
R 2
(30th March 1994)
[17th March 1989]
1.  These Rules may be cited as the Town Councils (Minimum Amount of Charges for payment into Sinking Funds) Rules.
Minimum amount of charges for payment into sinking funds
2.  Subject to rule 3, the minimum amount of the conservancy and service charges paid, and of any grants-in-aid made, to a Town Council, to be paid by the Town Council into the sinking funds established for the residential property, market and food centres and for other commercial property specified in the first column of the Schedule, shall be as set out in the second column thereof.
3.  These Rules shall not apply to grants-in-aid made to a Town Council to offset household water rate increases.