Workmen’s Compensation Act
(Chapter 354, Sections 6 and 35)
Workmen’s Compensation (Workers’ Fund) Regulations
Rg 2
(25th March 1992)
[1st October 1975]
1.  These Regulations may be cited as the Workmen’s Compensation (Workers’ Fund) Regulations.
[S 168/2008 wef 01/04/2008]
2.  In these Regulations, unless the context otherwise requires, “Fund” means the Workers’ Fund.
Sources of Workers’ Fund
3.  The Fund shall consist of —
(a)interests on late payments of workmen’s compensation ;
[S 168/2008 wef 01/04/2008]
(b)payments of compensation for deceased workers who have no dependants; and
[S 168/2008 wef 01/04/2008]
(c)such donations and gifts as may be made to the Fund.
Administration of Fund
4.—(1)  The Fund shall, subject to such directions as may be given by the Minister, be controlled and administered by the Commissioner.
(2)  The Commissioner shall invest the moneys in the Fund in such manner as may from time to time be authorised by the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Finance.
(3)  The interest or dividends arising from such investments shall accrue to the Fund.
Purposes of Workers’ Fund
5.  The moneys in the Fund may be applied for all or any of the following purposes:
(a)in cases where the claimants have failed to secure workmen’s compensation and are in financial difficulties, financial aid may be granted to injured workers or, in the event of their deaths, their dependants;
[S 168/2008 wef 01/04/2008]
(b)where the claim for compensation is disputed and the claimant is in financial difficulties, an advance may be granted pending the decision of the Commissioner on the dispute;
(c)to finance rehabilitation schemes for injured workers ;
[S 168/2008 wef 01/04/2008]
(d)to finance projects for the promotion of industrial safety and health among workers in Singapore;
[S 168/2008 wef 01/04/2008]
(e)to finance other projects for such general advancement of workers’ welfarein Singapore as may be approved by the Minister; and
[S 168/2008 wef 01/04/2008]
(f)for such other purposes at the Minister may approve from time to time.
Procedure for application for relief
6.—(1)  An injured workman, or in the event of his death, any of his dependants, desiring an advance from the Fund, may apply to the Commissioner in accordance with the form set out in the Schedule.
[S 168/2008 wef 01/04/2008]
(2)  After considering the application the Commissioner may either reject such application, or authorise and make payment of financial assistance to the applicant.
(3)  The decision of the Commissioner in all matters relating to the grant of financial assistance shall be final.
Powers of Commissioner to grant financial assistance
7.—(1)  Subject to these Regulations, the Commissioner may grant financial assistance at such rates and for such period as may from time to time be determined by him:
Except that any advance from the Fund in excess of $10,000 for the purposes of regulation 5(c), (d) and (e) shall be granted subject to the prior approval of the Minister.
(2)  The Commissioner may recover such advance from the applicant.
Procedure on receipt of donations
8.—(1)  All donations and gifts to the Fund shall be acknowledged in writing and an official receipt marked for “Workers’ Fund” shall be issued.
(2)  A Register of Donors shall be maintained containing a summary of all donations received and particulars of individual donors showing —
(a)the name of the donor;
(b)the amount donated; and
(c)the date of receipt.
Proper accounts to be kept
9.—(1)  Proper books of accounts showing every item of income received and expenditure disbursed shall be maintained by the Commissioner and where necessary subsidiary accounts may be kept for those cases where the donors have specified particular purposes for their donations.
(2)  The supervision, control and payment of all matters relating to the Fund shall be in accordance with Government accounting and financial procedures.
(3)  The accounts shall be audited annually by the Auditor-General. A statement of receipts, payments and the balance in the Fund at the end of the financial year shall, after being audited, be certified by the Auditor-General and submitted to the Minister for Finance and the Minister as soon as practicable.
Procedure for dissolution of Fund
10.  The Fund shall not be dissolved unless so directed by the Minister for Finance. In the event of the Fund being dissolved, all debts and liabilities incurred by the Fund shall be fully discharged and the moneys remaining in the Fund shall vest in the Government.