Workplace Safety and Health Act
(Chapter 354A, Sections 27 and 65)
Workplace Safety and Health (Incident Reporting) Regulations
Rg 3
G.N. No. S 136/2006

(1st October 2007)
[1st March 2006]
1.  These Regulations may be cited as the Workplace Safety and Health (Incident Reporting) Regulations.
2.  These Regulations shall apply to every workplace, whether or not it is a workplace specified in the First Schedule to the Act.
3.  In these Regulations, unless the context otherwise requires —
“accident” means any unintended event which causes bodily injury to a person, but does not include any bodily injury sustained by a person —
(a)in the course of commuting to or from his workplace using a mode of transport provided by his employer;
(b)as a result of his act or default while driving any vehicle on a public road in the course of his work; or
(c)in the course of his work as a domestic worker;
“domestic worker” means any person employed in or in connection with the domestic services of any private premises;
“vehicle” means any vehicle (whether mechanically propelled or otherwise) used for the conveyance of goods or passengers.
[G.N. No. S 136/2006]