Evidence Act
(Chapter 97 and Evidence (Computer Output) Regulations (Rg 1 — definition of “certifying authority” in regulation 2)
Appointment of Certifying Authorities
N 1
G.N. No. S 269/1999

(31st January 2001)
[9th June 1999]
The Minister for Law has appointed the following organisations to be certifying authorities until the dates set out opposite thereto against the respective organisations:
Name of Organisation
Expiry Date
(1) M/s Horwith Infosecurity Consultants Pte Ltd
23rd June 2000
(2) M/s Ernst & Young Consultants Pte Ltd
11th September 2000
(3) M/s Price Waterhouse
19th March 2001
(4) M/s KPMG Consulting Pte Ltd
16th May 2002