Singapore Totalisator Board Act
(Chapter 305A, Section 11(1))
Singapore Totalisator Scheme
Sch 1
(28th April 1995)
[28th April 1995]
The Minister for Finance has approved the following Singapore Totalisator Scheme:
Part I
1.  This Scheme may be cited as the Singapore Totalisator Scheme.
2.  In this Scheme, unless the context otherwise requires —
“agencies” shall include totalisator agencies or any other agency established or operated by the Board;
“agent” means an agent appointed by the Board under Part III;
“By-laws and Regulations” means the Betting By-laws and Regulations set out in the Schedule. In the event of any inconsistencies between the provisions of this Scheme and the By-laws, the provisions of this Scheme shall prevail;
“dividend” means the amount declared to be paid for the winning selection or combination in respect of each unit bet in accordance with the By-laws and Regulations as they apply to each form of betting;
“investor” means any person who places or purports to place a bet pursuant to the By-laws and Regulations;
“official record” and “official bet record” are synonymous and means records kept by the Board, whether in an electronic form or otherwise, concerning betting or other related transactions;
“pool” means, in respect of each type of betting, the total dollar value of the bets made by investors for each such type of betting;
“the Act” means the Singapore Totalisator Board Act, and the definitions contained in section 2 of the Act shall apply to this Scheme.