No. S 258
Limited Liability Partnerships Act
Cancellation of Direction under Section 19(1)(d)
In exercise of the powers conferred by section 19(1)(d) of the Limited Liability Partnerships Act, the Minister for Finance hereby cancels, with effect from 16th May 2008, the direction given to the Registrar of Limited Liability Partnerships not to accept for registration under the Act —
(a)the name “The Esplanade — Theatres on the Bay”, or a name similar to or so nearly resembling that name; and
(b)any name containing the word “Treasury” other than in respect of a registration of an entity by the Ministry of Finance or any person duly authorised by it.
2.  Direction Dir 1 relating to Direction under section 19(1)(d) is amended by deleting paragraphs (b) and (c).
Dated this 16th day of May 2008.
Permanent Secretary,
Ministry of Finance,
[(MOF)F14.13.5 Vol. 8; AG/LEG/SL/163A/2005/4 Vol. 1]