No. S 269
Evidence Act
(Chapter 97 and Evidence (Computer Output) Regulations)
Appointment of Certifying Authorities
It is hereby notified for general information that, under the definition of “certifying authority” in regulation 2 of the Evidence (Computer Output) Regulations (Rg 1), the Minister for Law has appointed the following organisations to be certifying authorities until the dates set out opposite thereto against the respective organisations:
Name of Organisation
Expiry Date
M/s Horwith Infosecurity Consultants Pte Ltd
23rd June 2000
M/s Ernst & Young Consultants Pte Ltd
11th September 2000
M/s Price Waterhouse
19th March 2001
M/s KPMG Consulting Pte Ltd
16th May 2002.
[LAW 32/001/18.6; AG/LEG/SL/97/96/1 Vol. 2]