No. S 437
Customs Act
Customs (Duties)
(Amendment) Order 2019

With reference to the Customs (Duties) (Amendment) Order 2019 (G.N. No. S 48/2019) —
(a)for “sub-paragraph (y)” in paragraph 2(a) read “sub‑paragraph (x)”;
(b)for “(z)” in paragraph 2(a) read “(xa)”;
(c)for “sub-paragraph (4V)” in paragraph 2(b) read “sub‑paragraph (4U)”;
(d)for “(4W)” in paragraph 2(b) read “(4UA)”;
(e)for “sub-paragraph (1)(z)” wherever they appear in paragraph 2(b), (c) and (d) read in each case “sub‑paragraph (1)(xa)”;
(f)for “sub-paragraph (x)” in paragraph 2(c) read “sub‑paragraph (w)”;
(g)for “(y)” in paragraph 2(c) read “(wa)”;
(h)for “Twenty-Fifth Schedule” in paragraph 2(c) read “Twenty‑Fourth Schedule”;
(i)for “sub-paragraph (7O)” in paragraph 2(d) read “sub‑paragraph (7N)”;
(j)for “(7P)” in paragraph 2(d) read “(7NA)”;
(k)for “sub-paragraph (5)(y)” in paragraph 2(d) read “sub‑paragraph (5)(wa)”;
(l)for “Twenty-Fifth Schedule” in the paragraph heading of paragraph 3 read “Twenty‑Fourth Schedule”;
(m)for “Twenty-Fourth Schedule” in paragraph 3 read “Twenty‑Third Schedule”;
(n)for “TWENTY-FIFTH SCHEDULE” in paragraph 3 read “TWENTY‑FOURTH SCHEDULE”; and
(o)for “Paragraph 4(5)(y)” in paragraph 3 read “Paragraph 4(5)(wa)”.
[Customs 00107/65/V21; R17.3.0001.V15; AG/LEGIS/SL/70/2015/2 Vol. 11]