No. S 444
Presidential Elections Act
Presidential Elections
(Excluded Election Advertising)
Notification 2011
In exercise of the powers conferred by the definition of “election advertising” in section 60A(6) of the Presidential Elections Act, the Prime Minister hereby makes the following Notification:
Citation and commencement
1.  This Notification may be cited as the Presidential Elections (Excluded Election Advertising) Notification 2011 and shall come into operation on 2nd August 2011.
Things excluded from being election advertising
2.  The following things are not election advertising for the purposes of the Act:
(a)diaries or calendars on paper or paperboard;
(b)key chains;
(c)T-shirts or other articles of apparel;
(d)articles in the nature of dress or clothing accessories, such as lapel pins, ties, scarves, caps or hats;
(e)cleansing tissue paper or paper napkins cut to size and contained in retail packets or packages;
(f)miniature flags and pennants;
(g)soft toys.
Made this 2nd day of August 2011.
Permanent Secretary,
Prime Minister’s Office,
[ELD(A)/4-15 Pt 1 Vol. 6; AG/LLRD/SL/240A/2010/3 Vol. 1]