No. S 47
Road Traffic Act
Road Traffic
(Exemption) Order 2014
In exercise of the powers conferred by section 142 of the Road Traffic Act, the Minister for Transport hereby makes the following Order:
1.  This Order may be cited as the Road Traffic (INDUCT‑NTU NAVIA Trial) (Exemption) Order 2014.
2.  In this Order —
“INDUCT” means Induct SAS, a company incorporated in France;
“NTU” means the Nanyang Technological University;
“qualified person” means an individual who has been registered with, trained and authorised by INDUCT to operate a specified vehicle;
“relevant period” means the period from 1st February 2014 to 31st January 2016 (both dates inclusive);
“specified area” means the area specified in the First Schedule;
“specified vehicle” means a prototype autonomous motor vehicle developed by INDUCT that is used by Induct Technology Asia Pte. Ltd. or NTU for the purposes of testing and developing a fully autonomous and environmentally‑friendly transport vehicle with advanced power management and charging solutions.
3.—(1)  Subject to this paragraph, Part I and sections 90 and 91 of the Act and the rules specified in the Second Schedule shall not apply to or in relation to a specified vehicle used on any road within the specified area during the relevant period.
(2)  Only up to 2 specified vehicles may be used on the roads within the specified area at any time.
(3)  There must be in force, at all times in relation to the use of a specified vehicle on any road within the specified area, a policy of insurance insuring against any liability in respect of the death of, or bodily injury sustained by, any person caused by or arising out of the use of the specified vehicle.
(4)  The policy of insurance referred to in sub‑paragraph (3) must be issued by an insurer who at the time the policy is issued is lawfully carrying on insurance business in Singapore.
(5)  A specified vehicle must, at all times when it is used on a road within the specified area —
(a)have on board as a safety precaution at least one qualified person who holds a valid Class 3 driving licence granted under the Road Traffic (Motor Vehicles, Driving Licences) Rules (R 27);
(b)be escorted by at least one other qualified person, on foot or in another vehicle, who is able to control the specified vehicle using a wireless remote control; and
(c)be capable of being easily and manually overridden and controlled by the qualified person referred to in sub‑paragraph (a) or (b).
(6)  Induct Technology Asia Pte. Ltd. or NTU must —
(a)ensure that adequate safety and traffic management measures are in place for the purposes of road safety and reducing the likelihood of traffic congestion when a specified vehicle is used on a road within the specified area; and
(b)implement within such time, such other safety or traffic management measures relating to the use of a specified vehicle on a road within the specified area, as the Authority may by notice in writing require.
Made this 29th day of January 2014.
Permanent Secretary,
Ministry of Transport,
[LTA/RTA/ZI/MR/INDUCT_NAVIATRIAL/Exempt_Ord2014; AG/LLRD/SL/276/2010/20 Vol. 2]