No. S 67
Sale of Food Act
Sale of Food (Fees)
(Amendment) Regulations 2018
In exercise of the powers conferred by section 56(1) of the Sale of Food Act, the Minister for National Development makes the following Regulations:
Citation and commencement
1.  These Regulations are the Sale of Food (Fees) (Amendment) Regulations 2018 and come into operation on 1 February 2018.
New regulation 1A
2.  The Sale of Food (Fees) Regulations (Rg 4) are amended by inserting, immediately after regulation 1, the following regulation:
1A.  In these Regulations, “food establishment” means any place or any premises or part thereof used for the sale, or for the preparation or manufacture for sale, or for the storage or packing for sale, of food, whether cooked or not, intended for human consumption.”.
Amendment of Schedule
3.  Item 1 of the Schedule to the Sale of Food (Fees) Regulations is amended by deleting the words “food establishment licence” and substituting the words “a licence for non‑retail food business carried on with the following types of food establishment”.
[G.N. Nos. S 458/2006; S 194/2011]
Made on 31 January 2018.
Permanent Secretary,
Ministry of National Development,
[ND 202/1-76; AG/LEGIS/SL/283/2015/4 Vol. 1]
(To be presented to Parliament under section 56(4) of the Sale of Food Act).