No. S 723
Central Provident Fund Act
Central Provident Fund
(Medisave Account Withdrawals)
(Amendment No. 3) Regulations 2016
In exercise of the powers conferred by section 77(1)(j) of the Central Provident Fund Act, the Minister for Manpower, after consulting with the Central Provident Fund Board, makes the following Regulations:
Citation and commencement
1.  These Regulations are the Central Provident Fund (Medisave Account Withdrawals) (Amendment No. 3) Regulations 2016 and come into operation on 1 January 2017.
Amendment of regulation 2
2.  Regulation 2(1) of the Central Provident Fund (Medisave Account Withdrawals) Regulations (Rg 17) (called in these Regulations the principal Regulations) is amended by inserting, immediately after the definition of “medical treatment for conception”, the following definition:
“ “Medisave healthcare provider” has the same meaning as in section 67A of the Act;”.
Amendment of regulation 3
3.  Regulation 3 of the principal Regulations is amended by deleting the words “and 25” in paragraphs (7), (8) and (9) and substituting in each case the words “, 25 and 25A”.
New regulation 25A
4.  The principal Regulations are amended by inserting, immediately after regulation 25, the following regulation:
Repayment of moneys withdrawn and paid under section 67D(1) of Act
25A.  For the purposes of section 67D(1) of the Act, a withdrawal from a member’s medisave account or payment by the Board of the amount withdrawn (as the case may be) is not in compliance with these Regulations if —
(a)the application for withdrawal was submitted by a Medisave healthcare provider in contravention of regulation 3(2)(d) of the Central Provident Fund (Financial Penalties) Regulations 2016 (G.N. No. S 720/2016);
(b)where the Board imposes any terms and conditions under regulation 3 when authorising the withdrawal, any of the terms or conditions are breached in relation to the withdrawal;
(c)any of the terms and conditions required by the Board under section 67B(2) of the Act, in relation to an application for the withdrawal, are breached by the Medisave healthcare provider;
(d)the amount withdrawn or paid exceeds the amount permitted to be withdrawn or used for payment under these Regulations for the medical treatment, psychiatric treatment or approved treatment received by the member or member’s dependant, as the case may be; or
(e)the withdrawal is authorised or the withdrawn amount is paid on the basis of inaccurate or misleading information.”.
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Made on 30 December 2016.
Permanent Secretary,
Ministry of Manpower,
[MMS 7/68 V58; AG/LEGIS/SL/36/2015/1 Vol. 3]
(To be presented to Parliament under section 78(2) of the Central Provident Fund Act).