No. S 896
Customs Act
Customs (Duties)
(Amendment No. 8) Order 2019
In exercise of the powers conferred by section 10(1) of the Customs Act, the Minister for Finance makes the following Order:
Citation and commencement
1.  This Order is the Customs (Duties) (Amendment No. 8) Order 2019 and comes into operation on 1 January 2020.
Amendment of paragraph 4
2.  Paragraph 4 of the Customs (Duties) Order (O 4) is amended —
(a)by deleting the words “annexed to” in sub‑paragraph (3)(a) and substituting the words “set out in”;
(b)by deleting the words “Certificate of Origin” in sub‑paragraph (5)(a)(i) and substituting the words “Certification of Origin”;
(c)by deleting the words “the manufacturer” in sub‑paragraph (5)(a)(i) and substituting the words “the exporter, producer or importer, or an authorised representative of the exporter, producer or importer,”; and
(d)by inserting, immediately after sub‑paragraph (5), the following sub‑paragraph:
(5A)  The requirement in sub‑paragraph (5)(a)(i) is waived if —
(a)the value of importation does not exceed US$1,000; and
(b)the importation does not form part of a series of importations that may reasonably be considered to have been undertaken or arranged for the purpose of avoiding the submission of a Certification of Origin.”.
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Made on 30 December 2019.
Permanent Secretary,
Ministry of Finance,
[Customs 00107/65/V21; AG/LEGIS/SL/70/2015/2 Vol. 13]
(To be presented to Parliament under section 143(2) of the Customs Act).