No. S 955
Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore Act
Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore
(Changi Airport) (Amendment)
Notification 2020
In exercise of the powers conferred by section 3 of the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore Act, the Minister for Transport, after consultation with the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, makes the following Notification:
Citation and commencement
1.  This Notification is the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (Changi Airport) (Amendment) Notification 2020 and comes into operation on 27 November 2020.
Deletion and substitution of Schedule
2.  The Schedule to the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (Changi Airport) Notification 2009 (G.N. No. S 293/2009) is deleted and the following Schedule substituted therefor:
Paragraph 2
Changi airport
All that land and water containing an area of about 23,759,361.988 square metres within the limits that are the boundaries of Lot numbers 1246V, 1264P, 1273L, 1275M, 1277V, 1284K, 1288C, 1289M, 1429N, 1882X, 1886W, 1891P, 2050N, 2771W, 2772V, 2773P, 3370C, 3523A, 3524K, 3536T, 3565V, 3566P, 3567T, 3568A, 3787W, 4110A, 4111K, 4112N, 4174N, 4200K, 4269V, 4274T, 4285W, 4288T, 4292A, 4327V, 4348K, 4350A, 4359P, 4360W, 4410N, 4415W, 4417P, 4459M-PT, 4477W, 4478V, 4545X, 4546L, 4547C, 4548M, 4549W, 4550C, 4551M, 4560K, 4561N, 4565M, 4567V, 4568P, 4594L, 4611V, 4612P, 4613T-PT, 4702T, 4707L, 4708C, 4793V, 4794P, 4795T‑PT, 4836T, 4837A, 4906V‑PT, 4914N, 4915X‑PT, 4917C, 4918M, 4941P, 4942T, 4943A, 4966M, 4967W, 4968V, 4969P, 5070T‑PT, 5094M, 5121M, 5122W, 5123V, 5124P, 5125T, 5126A, 5222L, 5292P‑PT, 80000L and 80006T of Mukim 31, and which is more particularly delineated in the Plan below.
[G.N. Nos. S 122/2012; S 150/2016; S 50/2017]
Made on 12 November 2020.
Permanent Secretary,
Ministry of Transport,
[CA.; AG/LEGIS/SL/41/2020/5 Vol. 1]