No. S 253
Active Mobility Act 2017
(ACT 3 OF 2017)
Active Mobility
(Pedestrian-Only Paths) Order 2018
In exercise of the powers conferred by section 6 of the Active Mobility Act 2017, the Land Transport Authority of Singapore makes the following Order:
Citation and commencement
1.  This Order is the Active Mobility (Pedestrian-Only Paths) Order 2018 and comes into operation on 1 May 2018.
2.  In this Order, unless the context otherwise requires —
“excluded public land” means any of the following public land:
(a)State land that is reserved or dedicated to the use of the general public as a nature reserve, national park or public park specified in item 1 of Part I, or Part II, of the Schedule to the Parks and Trees Act (Cap. 216);
(b)State land within the following parcels, all of which form what is commonly known as the Singapore Botanic Gardens:
(i)Lot numbers 1409M and 1409M PT in Town Subdivision 25;
(ii)Lot numbers 99956X PT, 99964V, 99957L, 99450K PT, 99990X, 99955N, 99954K, 99953A, 99956X PT, 99448N, 99450K PT and 99449X in Mukim 02;
(iii)Lot numbers 03564T PT, 3564 PT, 3561, 3225X, 3408V PT, 3407W and 3223K PT in Mukim 02;
(c)the area known as the Gardens by the Bay at Marina Bay, which is managed by a management body (designated under section 6A of the Parks and Trees Act (Cap. 216)) on behalf of the Government as a public park;
(d)the area known as Jurong Lake Gardens, which is managed by the National Parks Board as a public park;
(e)public land on Jurong Island, Pulau Ubin, St. John’s Island, Coney Island or any other offshore island except Sentosa;
(f)public land within Mukim No. 16, Lot 02549 T, commonly known as the Hindhede Nature Park;
“National Parks Board” means the National Parks Board established by the repealed National Parks Act (Cap. 198A, 1991 Ed.) in force before 1 July 1996 and continued by section 3 of the National Parks Board Act (Cap. 198A).
Pedestrian-only paths on public land
3.  A path that —
(a)is on public land which is not excluded public land; and
(b)is specified or described in the Schedule,
is each declared to be a pedestrian‑only path for the purposes of the Act.
Made on 30 April 2018.
Land Transport Authority of Singapore.
[LTA/LEGL/L18.056.002/JAS/DT/POP.18.01; AG/LEGIS/SL/2C/2015/7 Vol. 1]