Business Registration Act
(Chapter 32, Section 11(c))
Directions under Section 11(c)
Dir 1
G.N. No. S 481/1999

(1st July 1999)
The Minister for Finance has directed that the Registrar of Businesses shall not accept for registration under the Act —
(3)the word “Temasek” in any business name unless Temasek Holdings (Pte.) Ltd. (Registration No. 174001143C) is the sole-proprietor or a partner of the business;
[S 264/91 — 14.6.91]
(5)the name “The Esplanade — Theatres on the Bay”;
[775/94 — 4.11.94]
(6)any business name containing the word “Treasury” other than in respect of a registration of an entity by the Ministry of Finance or any person duly authorised by it.
[680/98 — 21.8.98]