Customs Act
(Chapter 70, Section 143(1)(e))
Customs (Customs Airports) Regulations
Rg 4
G.N. No. S 181/1981

(30th September 2002)
[1st July 1981]
1.  These Regulations may be cited as the Customs (Customs Airports) Regulations.
Customs airports
2.  The following places shall be customs airports for the import, export and transhipment of dutiable goods by air generally:
(a)Changi Airport but not including the part thereof specified in regulation 3;
[S 632/2012 wef 19/12/2012]
(b)Paya Lebar Airport;
(c)Seletar Airport;
(d)Tengah Air Base;
(e)Changi Airbase (East);
[S 149/2010 wef 15/03/2010]
(f)Changi Airbase (West); and
[S 149/2010 wef 15/03/2010]
(g)Sembawang Airbase.
[S 149/2010 wef 15/03/2010]
[S 632/2012 wef 19/12/2012]
Customs airports for separate and exclusive import, export and transhipment
3.  All such part of the Air Cargo Express Hub (commonly referred to as the ACE Hub) within the Airport Logistics Park of Singapore Free Trade Zone at Changi Airport as is under the possession and management of Federal Express (S) Pte. Ltd. shall be a customs airport for the separate and exclusive import, export and transhipment of goods by air by Federal Express (S) Pte. Ltd.
[S 632/2012 wef 19/12/2012]
[G.N. No. S 181/81]