No. S 470
Co-operative Societies Act
General Exemption Order under Section 97
In exercise of the powers conferred by section 97 of the Co-operative Societies Act, the Minister for Community Development hereby exempts the Koperatif UFUK Singapura Berhad (Singapore UFUK Co-operative Ltd) from —
(a)section 39(1)(b) of the Act so as to enable Yayasan MENDAKI, MENDAKI Holdings Private Ltd, all mosques and other Malay or Muslim social, educational and cultural organisations to qualify for institutional membership; and
(b)section 43 of the Act so as to enable Yayasan MENDAKI and MENDAKI Holdings Private Ltd each to hold more than 20% of the share capital of the co-operative society.
Dated this 3rd day of September 1998.
Permanent Secretary,
Ministry of Community Development,
[RCS 76-13-03 Vol.4; AG/LEG/SL/62/97/1 Vol.1]