Fees Act
(Chapter 106, Section 2)
Fees (Registrar of Criminals) (Consolidation) Order
O 23
G.N. No. S 382/1952

(31st May 2001)
1.  This Order may be cited as the Fees (Registrar of Criminals) (Consolidation) Order.
2.  In this Order, “Registrar of Criminals” means the Registrar of Criminals appointed under section 3 of the Registration of Criminals Act (Cap. 268), and includes an Assistant Registrar of Criminals so appointed.
3.  There shall be payable to the Registrar of Criminals in respect of —
(a)any report made by him upon any matter or thing relating to finger impressions submitted to him for report by any person other than a public officer a fee of $90 for each report; and
[G.N. Nos.S382/52; S375/96]
[S 252/2014 wef 01/04/2014]
(b)every application for particulars of previous convictions relating to a person accused of a crime within the meaning of the Registration of Criminals Act a fee of $25 for statutory boards and $30 for Government-linked companies.
[G.N. Nos.S77/60; S375/96]
[S 133/2002]