Fees Act
(Chapter 106, Section 2)
Fees (Copies of Reports, Statements, Plans and Photographs) Order
O 25
G.N. No. S 235/1983

(31st May 2001)
[1st December 1983]
1.  This Order may be cited as the Fees (Copies of Reports, Statements, Plans and Photographs) Order.
2.  The following fees shall be levied for such copies of reports, statements, plans and photographs as the Commissioner of Police may permit to be supplied to the public:
(a)copy of a report
(b)copy of a statement recorded from an accused person in accordance with section 122 of the Criminal Procedure Code (Cap. 68)
(c)copy of plan
(d)copy of photograph which is 18 cm by 12.7 cm (colour)
[S 253/2014 wef 01/04/2014]
[S 287/2013 wef 02/05/2013]
Search fee
3.  A fee of $14 shall be leviable by the Commissioner of Police for every search for a report, statement, information, document or record in the possession of the police.
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