Fees Act
(Chapter 106, Section 2)
Fees (Translation of Documents — Ministry of manpower) Order
O 41
(15th June 1998)
[9th October 1970]
1.  This Order may be cited as the Fees (Translation of Documents — Ministry of Manpower) Order.
Fees for certified translations
2.  The following fees for certified translations of documents and the certification of translated documents shall be leviable by the Ministry of Manpower:
(a)In respect of documents for use in enquiries held under Part XV of the Employment Act (Cap. 91) …
$3 per folio or part thereof and $1 for every additional folio or part thereof.
(b)In respect of other documents —
(i)for translations from Chinese, Tamil, Malayalam or Malay into English —
 for the first 30 lines or less …
 and for every additional 30 lines or part thereof …
(ii)for translations from English into Chinese, Tamil, Malayalam or Malay —
 for the first 100 Chinese characters or Tamil, Malayalam or Malay words or less …
 and for every additional 100 characters or words or part thereof …
Uncertified translations
3.  Fees at one-third of the rates laid down in paragraph 2(b) shall be levied for uncertified translations which the Commissioner for Labour may, in his discretion, agree to undertake.
Fees payable in advance
4.  Fees shall be payable in advance before translations are supplied.
Discretion of Commissioner
5.  The Commissioner for Labour may, in his discretion, either —
(a)refuse to undertake the translation of any document; or
(b)remit any fee for the translation of any document, which, in his opinion, is directly connected with the work of the Ministry of Manpower.
[G.N. No. S 283/70]