Fisheries Act
(Chapter 111, Section 7)
Fisheries (Fish Culture Farms) Rules
R 7
(25th March 1992)
[20th March 1981]
1.  These Rules may be cited as the Fisheries (Fish Culture Farms) Rules.
2.  In these Rules, unless the context otherwise requires —
“fish culture” means any activity involving the maintenance, propagation and promotion of the growth of fish in captivity or upon the sea bed within the territorial waters of Singapore;
“fish culture farm” means any establishment or site in which fish culture is carried out and includes all structures and equipment within the establishment or site.
Designated areas
3.  The Director may designate areas within which fish culture may be carried out on fish culture farms and may specify the type of fish to be cultured in each fish culture farm.
4.—(1)  No person shall erect, operate or maintain a fish culture farm unless he has a valid licence issued under these Rules.
(2)  An application for a fish culture farm licence shall be in such form as the Director may determine.
(3)  The fish culture farm licence shall be subject to the conditions set out in the Schedule, unless those conditions are expressly excluded in the licence by the Director.
(4)  The Director may refuse to issue a fish culture farm licence or may vary the conditions of the licence or impose such other conditions as he thinks fit or revoke any licence already issued without assigning any reason.
5.  The fee for a licence shall be $770 for each 5,000 square metres or part thereof for a period of one year or part thereof, expiring in every case on 31st December of the year in which it is issued, unless the contrary is stated in the licence.
6.  The Director may, before issuing a licence, require the applicant to furnish a deposit to ensure compliance with these Rules and the conditions of the licence. The amount of deposit shall be $5,000 for each 5,000 square metres or part thereof of the fish culture farm.
Description of fish
7.  In the event of any doubt arising as to the correct description of the types of fish cultured under the licence, the name and description given by the Director shall be deemed to be correct.
Control of areas and types of fish
8.  The Director may in his discretion restrict the number of licences which may be issued in any area and in respect of any type of fish to be cultured.
Removal of equipment
9.—(1)  The licensee shall upon expiry or revocation of the licence or when he ceases to operate the fish culture farm, remove forthwith, or within such time as a fishery officer may direct, any structure, poles, anchors, floats and ancillary equipment used for fish culture.
(2)  Where the licensee fails to comply with paragraph (1), the fishery officer may remove or demolish the structure and any expense incurred thereby shall be deducted from the deposit made under rule 6.
Employees of fish culture farms
10.—(1)  No person shall be employed on any fish culture farm or be engaged in any activity thereon unless he is registered for such employment by the Director.
(2)  An application for such registration shall be in such form as the Director may determine.
(3)  The Director may either refuse to register or register the applicant subject to such conditions as he may think fit to impose or revoke the registration of a person without assigning any reason.
(4)  [Deleted by S 158/97 wef 01/04/1997]
(5)  A person registered under this rule shall observe all directives which the Director may issue from time to time.
11.  The Director may if he thinks fit exempt any person from all or any of these Rules.