Factories Act
(Chapter 104, Section 68)
Factories (Explosive Powered Tools) Regulations
Rg 12
G.N. No. S 396/1994

(1st June 1995)
[1st June 1995]
1.  These Regulations may be cited as the Factories (Explosive Powered Tools) Regulations.
2.—(1)  In these Regulations, unless the context otherwise requires —
“authorised person” means a manufacturer, repairer, seller or dealer in tools, projectiles or charges for use in a tool, or any employee under the direct supervision of such manufacturer, repairer, seller or dealer, or such other person as may be authorised in writing by the Chief Inspector;
“charge” means explosive charge;
“contractor” means a person who has entered into a contract for the purpose of carrying out any work in a factory and includes a main contractor and a sub-contractor;
“defect” means any defect that may impair or affect the safe and normal operation of a tool;
“direct acting tool” means a tool in which the driving force on the projectile comes directly from the compressed gases from a charge;
“indirect acting tool” means a tool in which the driving force from a charge is transmitted indirectly onto the projectile via a piston;
“operator” means a person who operates an explosive powered tool and who holds a certificate certifying that he has successfully completed a course of training on the operation of a direct acting explosive powered tool which is acceptable to the Chief Inspector;
“projectile” means any stud, pin, dowel, screw, rivet, spike, nail or other object driven against, into or through any substance by means of a tool;
“recognised testing body” means a testing body acceptable to the Chief Inspector;
“repair” includes any act or attempt to improve, modify, alter or adjust any tool;
“tool” means any explosive powered device from which a projectile may be driven against, into or through any substance by means of a charge and includes every attachment or accessory used, adapted or intended to be used with the device, but does not include a firearm within the meaning of the Arms and Explosives Act [Cap. 13] or a side wall coring gun used in exploratory bore hole work;
“use”, in relation to a tool, means to load, unload, or to discharge it or attempt to load, unload or to discharge it.
3.—(1)  These Regulations shall apply to all factories in which an explosive powered tool is used.
(2)  The provisions of these Regulations are in addition to and not in substitution for or in diminution of the other requirements imposed by or under the Act.