No. S 431
Films Act
(Chapter 107)
Films (Exemption) Notification 2005
In exercise of the powers conferred by section 40(2) of the Films Act, the Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts hereby makes the following Notification:
Citation and commencement
1.  This Notification may be cited as the Films (Exemption) Notification 2005 and shall come into operation on 1st July 2005.
2.  In this Notification, unless the context otherwise requires —
“advertise”, in relation to a film, includes —
(a)publicly exhibiting, displaying or supplying any advertising poster relating to the film, using any media (whether print or electronic) other than the broadcast media; or
(b)distributing or circulating any advertisement relating to the film;
“advertisement” includes any advertising poster, circular, catalogue or price list;
“advertising poster” means any poster, placard, video slick, photograph or other printed pictorial matter that is intended for use in the advertising or exhibition of a film to the public and includes a miniature representation or enlarged representation of the whole or part of any such poster;
“approved person” means any person holding a valid licence granted under section 7 of the Act or any other person who has obtained written approval from the Board for the purposes of this Notification;
“exhibition point” means any place where films are exhibited and includes a cinema multiplex with one or more exhibition halls.
3.  Section 22 of the Act shall not apply to any approved person who intends to advertise any film provided that the advertisement for that film complies with the following conditions:
(a)the advertisement contains the relevant film classification and consumer advice (where available);
(b)the advertising poster for any film classified as a “R21” category film shall only be displayed in exhibition points lawfully permitted to exhibit “R21” category films;
(c)the advertisement does not depict human genitalia or nudity of any kind (including images of persons in titillating attire);
(d)the advertisement does not depict any person in a sexually provocative manner or in any other offensive manner;
(e)the advertisement does not depict or promote explicit sexual violence or sexual activity involving coercion or in anyway associated with violence (including images of bondage);
(f)the advertisement does not depict or promote homosexual or lesbian intimacy (including images of same gender kissing);
(g)the advertisement does not depict or promote fetishes or deviant sexual practices (including images of paedophilia, bestiality or necrophilia);
(h)the advertisement does not depict explicit acts of cruelty or violence (including gory images of dismemberment, bloody wounds or impaled bodies);
(i)the advertisement does not depict ghastly or horrifying images of the supernatural (including frightening images of disfigured or ghostly apparitions);
(j)the advertisement does not depict or promote illicit drug use, explicit criminal or anti-social behaviour (including images of the consumption of illicit drugs, triad ceremonies or rituals);
(k)the advertisement does not depict or promote any matter or thing likely to cause feelings of enmity, ill-will or hostility between different racial or religious groups in Singapore;
(l)the advertisement does not depict ethnic, racial or religious hatred, strife or intolerance (including disrespectful images of religious figures or objects);
(m)the advertisement does not depict or promote any cult or any deviant belief or teaching; and
(n)the advertisement does not depict any lewd, obscene or offensive act, word or message of any kind.

Made this 24th day of June 2005.

Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Information,
Communications and the Arts,
[MICA K01.018.001; AG/LEG/SL/107/2002/1 Vol. 1]