Military Manoeuvres Act
(Chapter 182, Section 11)
Military Manoeuvres (Firing Ground) Rules
R 1
(25th March 1992)
[15th April 1983]
1.  These Rules may be cited as the Military Manoeuvres (Firing Ground) Rules.
2.  In these Rules —
“Chief of General Staff” means the Chief of General Staff of the Singapore Armed Forces;
“firing ground” means any area which has been proclaimed to be a firing ground under section 8 of the Act.
Authority in charge
3.  The Chief of General Staff shall be the authority in charge of all firing grounds.
Permanent marks
4.  The Chief of General Staff shall take such measures as are necessary and practicable to mark by permanent marks all firing grounds and to warn the public from entering them.
5.  Notices in Malay, Chinese, Tamil and English of the boundaries of any firing ground shall be forwarded by the Chief of General Staff to the Commissioner of Police, who shall cause them to be posted at the following police stations:
(a)Ama Keng Police Post;
(b)Bukit Panjang Police Station;
(c)Bukit Timah Police Station;
(d)Jurong Police Station;
(e)Marine Police Station;
(f)Tuas Police Post,
and such other police stations or places as the Commissioner of Police considers appropriate.
Prohibited entry
6.—(1)  No unauthorised person shall at any time enter or remain within any firing ground.
(2)  Any person who contravenes paragraph (1) shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $2,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months or to both.