Police Force Act
(Chapter 235, Section 71(1)*)
*   Made pursuant to section 71(1) of the repealed Police Force Act (Cap. 235, 1985 Ed.) which continues in force as if made under the Police Force Act (2006 Ed.) by virtue of section 121(9) of the Police Force Act (2006 Ed.).
Auxiliary Police Forces
N 1
G.N. No. S 992/1961

(30th November 2006)
The Commissioner of Police has, with the approval of the Minister, authorised the creation of the following Auxiliary Police Forces:
(1)Polis Tambahan, Pulau Bukom.
[992/61-- 12.5.61]
(2)Installations Auxiliary Police Force.
[171/72-- 1.12.71]
(3)Certis CISCO Auxiliary Police Force.
[1959/72-- 1.7.72]
[S 480/2007]
(4)Singapore Airport Terminal Services Auxiliary Police Force for the purpose of safeguarding life and property within the Changi International Airport and the Paya Lebar Airport.
[S 214/81-- 1.7.81]
(5)Aetos Auxiliary Police Force.
[S 142/2004-- 1.4.2004]