Personal Data Protection Act 2012
Interpretation (O. 105, r. 1)
1.  In this Order —
“Act” means the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (Act 26 of 2012), and any reference to a section shall be construed as a reference to a section in the Act;
“Appeal Committee” means a Data Protection Appeal Committee nominated under section 33(4);
“Commission” means the Personal Data Protection Commission established under section 5.
[S 390/2014 wef 02/07/2014]
Powers under section 30 exercisable by Judge or Registrar (O. 105, r. 2)
2.—(1)  Subject to paragraph (2), the powers conferred on the District Court by section 30 may be exercised by a District Judge in Chambers or the Registrar.
(2)  The powers conferred on the District Court by section 30(3) may only be exercised by a District Judge.
[S 390/2014 wef 02/07/2014]
Application to register of Commission’s Direction or Appeal Committee’s Decision (O. 105, r. 3)
3.  An application to register in the District Court —
(a)any direction made by the Commission under section 28(2) or 29, including any direction varied by the Commission under section 31(4)(b) (referred to in this Order as a Direction); or
(b)any direction or decision made by an Appeal Committee under section 34(4) (referred to in this Order as a Decision),
must be made by an ex parte originating summons.
[S 390/2014 wef 02/07/2014]
Evidence in support of application to register (O. 105, r. 4)
4.—(1)  An application under section 30 to register in the District Court a Direction or Decision must be supported by an affidavit —
(a)exhibiting the Direction or Decision sought to be registered or a verified or certified or otherwise duly authenticated copy thereof;
(b)stating that the Commission is the party seeking to register the Direction or Decision;
(c)stating the name and the usual or last known place of business or residence of the party against whom the Direction or Decision has been made so far as known to the deponent; and
(d)stating to the best of the information or belief of the deponent that —
(i)the Commission is entitled to enforce the Direction or Decision;
(ii)as at the date of the application —
(A)the Direction or Decision has not been appealed against and the time allowed for appealing has expired; or
(B)all appeals against the Direction or Decision under section 34(1)(a) or (b) or section 35(1) or (4) have been finally disposed of and no further appeal is feasible;