Sale of Drugs Act
(Chapter 282, Section 26)
Drugs Regulations
Rg 1
(25th March 1992)
[4th October 1957]
1.  These Regulations may be cited as the Drugs Regulations.
2.  [Deleted by S 213/2000 wef 20/04/2000]
Analyst’s certificates and fees
3.—(1)  The certificate of the analyst referred to in section 8 of the Act shall be in the form set out in the Schedule.
(2)  In the case of a certificate regarding any article liable to decomposition, the analyst shall in his certificate specifically report whether, prior to the analysis, any change had taken place in the constitution of the article which would interfere with the analysis.
(3)  The fees to be paid in respect of the analysis of any drug by an analyst under section 6 of the Act (including the fee for the prescribed certificate of the results of the analysis where such certificate is given) shall be $20 per sample.
(4)  The fee to be paid under section 8 of the Act for a copy of the result of the analysis of any drug shall be $20.
4.  [Deleted by S 213/2000 wef 20/04/2000]