Work Injury Compensation Act
(Chapter 354, Section 23(1))
Work Injury Compensation (Waiver from Insurance Requirement) Notification
N 3
G.N. No. S 171/2008

(31st January 2010)
[1st April 2008]
1.  This Notification may be cited as the Work Injury Compensation (Waiver from Insurance Requirement) Notification.
Waiver from insurance requirement
2.  The requirement to maintain insurance under section 23(1) of the Act is waived in respect of —
(a)the Government; and
(b)every employer of an employee —
(i)who is employed otherwise than by way of manual labour; and
(ii)whose salary within the meaning of the Employment Act (Cap. 91) received from the employer (excluding any overtime payment, bonus payment, annual wage supplement, productivity incentive payment and any allowance however described) exceeds $2,100 a month.
[S 131/2020 wef 01/04/2020]