5.—(1)  Where more than 25 persons are employed in a workplace, there shall be appointed in the workplace as first-aiders who shall be readily available during working hours such number of persons as complies with the ratio of one first-aider for every 100 persons employed in the workplace or part thereof.
[S 514/2011 wef 10/09/2011]
(2)  Every person appointed as a first-aider under paragraph (1) shall —
(a)have successfully completed a training course acceptable to the Commissioner; and
[S 514/2011 wef 10/09/2011]
(b)undergo such subsequent re-training in first-aid treatment as the Commissioner may require.
(3)  Where there is a shift work schedule in a workplace, the ratio of the number of first-aiders available on each shift to the number of persons employed at work on that shift shall comply with the ratio specified in paragraph (1).
[S 514/2011 wef 10/09/2011]
(4)  Every first-aider shall maintain a record of all treatment rendered by him.
(5)  A notice shall be affixed in every workplace stating the names of the first-aiders appointed under paragraph (1).