Optometrists and Opticians Act

(Original Enactment: Act 36 of 2007)

(31st December 2008)
An Act to provide for the registration of optometrists and opticians, to regulate their practices and to provide for purposes connected therewith.
[22nd February 2008]
Short title
1.  This Act may be cited as the Optometrists and Opticians Act.
2.  In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires —
“Board” means the Optometrists and Opticians Board established under section 4;
“certificate of registration” means a certificate of registration issued by the Board under section 17;
“Director” means the Director of Medical Services;
“eye care” means any form of healthcare that is related to the diagnosis and treatment of eye or vision-related conditions;
“inspector” means an inspector appointed by the Board under section 31(1);
“institution of higher learning” means a polytechnic or university;
“medical practitioner” means a person who is registered under the Medical Registration Act (Cap. 174);
“member” means a member of the Board;
“ophthalmologist” means a person who is, by virtue of registration in the Register of Specialists under the Medical Registration Act, entitled to practise as a specialist in ophthalmology;
“optical appliances” means lenses, spectacles, eyeglasses, artificial eyes, contact lenses or appurtenances thereto for the aid or correction of visual or ocular anomalies of the eyes;
“optician” means a person who is registered in the Register of Opticians under this Act;
“opticianry” or “the practice of opticianry” means any of the acts or activities specified in Part I of the Schedule;
“optometrist” means a person who is registered in the Register of Optometrists under this Act;
“optometry” or “the practice of optometry” means any of the acts or activities specified in Part II of the Schedule;
“practising certificate” means a practising certificate issued under section 18;
“refraction” means an eye examination to measure the power of vision;
“Register of Opticians” means the Register of Opticians kept and maintained under section 13(1)(b);
“Register of Optometrists” means the Register of Optometrists kept and maintained under section 13(1)(a);
“registered person” means a person who is registered under section 15 for the carrying out of any practice of optometry or opticianry;
“Registrar” means the Registrar of the Board;
“registration” means the registration of any person under section 15 as an optometrist or optician;
“regulations” means regulations made under section 37.
3.  This Act shall not apply to any ophthalmologist in relation to his practice of optometry or opticianry.